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  • Industry Leaders

    Working with Leaders in the eHealth Industry – Over 10 years experience with Clinical Portals and Research Facilities.

  • Enterprise Grade

    We build our apps with Symfony – “Symfony is a set of PHP Components, a Web Application framework, a Philosophy, and a Community — all working together in harmony.”

  • Expert Services

    A team of experts – We build web solutions, tailored to your business needs.


Our core business is problem solving. We assist you with designing a solution – and then we develop , deploy and maintain that solution.

  • Industry Knowledge

    Are you in academic research or the commercial industry? We work hands on with professors, research associate’s and commercial institutions to realise their goals

  • Turn Key Systems

    We build web applications from the ground up. We are active in all areas of the Software Development Lifecycle

  • Secure, Robust and Scalable

    Our architects ensure your data is secure and your services are readily available. 24/7 our gold class package is a must

  • Technology Updates

    We use the latest technologies so your platform and user experience will be optimised for todays devices

Get Technical.


We are Web designers, but not in the conventional sense. Graphic design is important – your brand, your identity, your voice – but we also believe that technical design is just as important. Under the hood, the roles of information design, system design and database design can make the difference between a fast, reliable, scalable site and a slow, unreliable, unresponsive one.


Developing solutions means putting the design into practice – writing code, testing code, building the server environment, optimising for speed, optimising for search engines and optimising for mobile devices.


We help you to find the right Web hosting provider. We configure your servers and establish monitoring and backup strategies. We also help you to plan for growth to ensure that your Web presence remains fast and reliable as your traffic grows.


We stand by you and our solution, providing support through the ever changing landscape. We have a variety of support packages to suit your needs – we can become your IT wing of your business or we can just provide product maintenance.

Our Clients.

We grow with our clients, its a long term objective of ours.

We are a company that supports a variety of clients in verry different stages of their life. We build, deploy, manage and maintain turn key eHealth portals. We also build to budget. We assist in proof of concepts and pilots for research grants. We work for non-for profit organisations, corporate entities and universities. Whatever your needs we have a solution.

About Us.

Global Media Empire have been in the ICT space for over a decade. Our team of experts have been providing large scale solutions to the eHealth industry and continue to be an innovative component to our clients success. Our main office is in Sydney, we have a presence in Brisbane.

Managing Director : DANIEL WINTER

Daniel has been driving the success of the company since its inception. His vision and attention to detail has ensured the implementation and integration of many small, medium and enterprise projects. His exceptional level of understanding in both corporate and research organisations has facilitated the continuing success in opportunity and delivery.

Lead Engineer : YANKO VALERA

Yanko has more than 6 years of experience as a system architect and senior developer for Global Media Empire, working in different projects for australian businesses and universities. His expertise stemmed from research facilities, applying Artificial Intelligence techniques to solve Complex System problems, specially using Neural Networks in the Time Series Analysis and Predictions.

Project Manager : DANNY TOWSTYI

Danny Towstyi is part of the Senior management team at Global Media Empire. He has a technical background in ICT and has played many roles in over the years – driving several large organisations to success. He has a passion for startups and a mindset to match. He now focuses his energy in managing project conception, design, implementation and delivery.


Mahela is an experienced Quality Assurance/Release engineer from Colombo,Sri Lanka who has been on software development industry over 7 years. He started his career as a software engineer joining a software firm which provides solutions for the financial sector. He plays a similar role at GME as a Support Manager, involved in all facets of the software development life cycle.

Contact Us.

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